Friends! You may have noticed that I’ve had to press pause on writing daily devotional. I am very sorry for that.. but I know my limits and try not to do too much as my family gets my first fruits. Life has been wonderfully full as we’ve stepped into a new season and new adventure with the Lord…


I am very excited to announce the PREMIERE of my brand new TELEVISION SHOW – Created for the Impossible! It will PREMIERE April 18th at 12pm (CST) and Thursday April 19th at 9:30pm (CST). Airing weekly on the Christian Television Network (check your local listings). I also have a page on my website where I will post the show weekly as well


Created for the Impossible is tailor made just for the heart of WOMEN! To pour into the heart and soul of the amazing women out there. Because as the Lord gave me vision He also gave me a mandate for women, “Mine out the gold and bring activation”. He showed me how there are so many women filled to the brim with purpose yet they don’t know where or how or what to do with it all. There are women who are growing wearing in hoping that their lives truly matter to God.

God is calling forth the women in this season to RISE UP in the extraordinary call on their life! Whether your a mother, in the workplace, in ministry, in your homes, in schools. Your life matters to God and your life is marked with PURPOSE. The gifts inside you aren’t for nothing. You don’t have to feel stuck, overlooked, rejected, anxious, weary, guilty, unsettled, etc. You can “go for it” with God and begin taking some steps in faith into what you feel God is calling you to be.

From my living room to yours: join me weekly as I remind you that God sees you, God cares for you and He has an amazing plan for your life! Even if it seems impossible, you can do it! The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you (Romans 8:11)!

Through special teaching and with the help of my amazing guests, we will help you break every hindering thought to truly believe what God is speaking over you, “My daughter, you matter to me, you can do anything!”

You are created for the impossible!


Anytime I had ever thought of having a show I would quickly shake my head and say to myself, “Now that is something I will never do!” I had no vision for it, no passion. But last summer as I traveled cross country with my family the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about a show. And with that word came vision. As I drove the Holy Spirit began to show me a banner, and on it was: “Created for the Impossible TV’. As it scrolled across my eyeline suddenly my show began to play before me as a movie reel. My heart leapt within me “YES Lord!” I was ready to make some phone calls right then and there but the Lord said, “Now, wait on Me.”

So for months I waited on the Lord and didn’t say a word. I had laid it before the Him at His feet and stewarded the vision He gave through prayer. Then one day in the Fall as I was in my prayer closet the Holy Spirit downloaded the vision again and said to me, “Ok, go for it!” So I made a few calls and within a week, after receiving two prophetic words from a seer-prophet and Rabbi who knew nothing about this (I kid you not)—I had a signed contract with Christian Television Network for the fulfillment of this vision!


It’s wild really… with my book it was 17 years… and with this show it will have been a matter of months. Regardless – it’s not about the length of time between the promise to fulfillment, its that we remain in a “yes” posture of surrender before the Lord. As Jesus said to the Father, “Never the less, not my will, but Your will be done” (Luke 22:42). So this is my YES to God. He’s been stretching me. Pulling me out of my comfort zone. And giving me vision beyond what I can contain. He’s stirring in peoples hearts to sow seeds of prayer, financial support, and so much more. He has been so good to fill me with His word each and every time I show up to film.


Please share this show with your friends and grab the book so you can follow along. God has been poured into me, I’ve poured into the book, and now this new show. Let me just say again, this show is totally outside of my comfort zone! But I guess that’s what God will do when He commissions you to write a book called, Create for the Impossible. I’m walking this out in my everyday, not just as we film episodes, but as I access His throne, as I bear fruit with my life, as I mother my children and am a wife, a friend, and good steward of the assignments God give me.


Friend, as you read through this now I want to pause and point out – your life matters to God! No matter your age, background, color, race, God is Creator. He made you. And everything God makes is on purpose, with purpose and for purpose. You are the crown of His creation (Deut 7:11). Follow along on this journey through CREATED FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE and realize the beauty of why God made you.

No matter your limitations – God thinks you can do anything! He knows it! Romans 8:11