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World Christian Radio Interview w/ award-winning journalist, Paul Ladd

Paul Ladd interviews Author and Speaker, Liz Pitman, Author of “Where Is the Missing Puzzle Piece?”

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Interview with Liz Pitman: Author of Where Is the Missing Puzzle Piece?

Voice in the Kingdom Podcast

Kingdom Conversation: Liz Pitman, You Are God’s MasterPIECE

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Dare 2 Hear The Podcast Where is the Missing Puzzle Piece? Episode 164

GOD TV Interview

Standing Together w/ Lindsy Fennell Olesky & Liz Pitman

WKTO FM Christian Radio

Interview with Liz Pitman

God's Got This

GOD TV Article

Are You Shaken?

GOD TV Article

You Are Valuable

GOD TV Article

Listen to Liz’s recent interview with the crew over at WHBR TV.

From Purposeless to Purpose-Packed

Join Pete, the puzzle piece, and his new friend, Will, as they experience the joyful surprise that awaits as Pete returns to the town of Jigsaw and steps into his God-given destiny.

Hear how loved you are!

Find out who God made you to be!

See your important part in God’s story!

Step into your special plan!

Watch Liz’s interview and hear all about her new book on Standing Together from GOD TV.