Where Is the Missing Puzzle Piece?

Setting the foundation of identity, purpose, and worth in the hearts of children


Where Is the Missing Puzzle Piece?

Setting the foundation of identity, purpose, and worth in the hearts of children

Just Like Pete: You Are Loved. You Are Valuable. You Are the MISSING PIECE.

  • Hear how loved you are!
  • Find out who God made you to be!
  • See your important part in God’s story!
  • Step into your special plan!

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Check out the latest from author Liz Pitman as she continues to share the message of Identity, Purpose, and Worth to children and adults alike.

Liz A. Pitman has worked and taught in Christian education for 10 years, where she has found interacting with her students to be such a blessing. Prior to teaching, she graduated from Mississippi College with an English Literature degree and also attended Calvary Chapel Bible College where she grew deeper in her relationship with the Lord. She has a heart for missions and has served several summers volunteering at food banks in Israel. Her first love is Jesus, then her husband and precious son, Joshua. Her desire is to see all the “puzzle pieces” in this world realize their value and purpose as she encourages them to step into their vital, God-given destinies.

From Purposeless to Purpose-Packed

Watch the video below to learn more about the vision behind “Where Is The Missing Puzzle Piece” by Liz Pitman.

”What a refreshing story for young children as they travel into the fascinating world of Pete, the puzzle piece, and experience all the adventures alongside him. Parents and teachers alike will delight in the way Pete’s character comes alive in their children’s hearts and imaginations. The pages are beautifully illustrated which capture the child’s attention and add spark to the story. The story reveals the powerful message of God’s heart of love for us and emphasizes how He creates us with value and purpose! We are His masterpiece!”

Linda Niemeyer

Elementary Supervisor for 20 years
K-5 teacher for 46 years
Homeschool Pioneer and Evaluator for 11 years

“'Where is the Missing Puzzle Piece?' is a charming story, and young children will immediately relate to Pete. His journey poignantly addresses the innate human need to belong. Children and adults alike will cheer as puzzled Pete finds his place!”

Tami Gibson

Master’s degree in Elementary Education, Instruction and Curriculum
Teacher with 20+ years of classroom experience

“If you are looking for a book that will ignite hope in the heart of your child that their life has tremendous value and worth, then look no further than my friend’s new book, 'Where is the Missing Puzzle Piece?'. Liz Pitman has masterfully composed a message of identity for kids planting seeds of truth that will deeply impact their sense of purpose, worth, and value in the Kingdom of God for years to come. 'Where is the Missing Puzzle Piece?' assures kids of their uniqueness and their critical place in this world. You will even find your own heart infused with a renewed sense of belonging as you engage in the message of this beautifully crafted book alongside your children. The journey with Pete, the puzzle piece, is one of joy-filled discovery as the reader--whether child or parent--is reminded of their own God-sized value as God’s unique, beloved chosen puzzle piece. You are created for a specific purpose for such a time as this in His-Story and this book powerfully articulates this critical message. You won’t be able to put it down!”

Krissy Nelson

Author, TV Host, Speaker
Krissy Nelson Ministries

“As a mother of nine children, a grandmother of eleven, and after thirty-three years of homeschooling, I am delighted to highly recommend this children’s book. This is a whimsical, colorful, fun read about a character named Pete who is trying to find his place of belonging on the journey of life. This story reinforces the idea that each person is uniquely made, special, and that there is a place for each of us that completes the bigger picture Puzzles are a favorite past-time of mine, and I share that love with my children and grandchildren. So, to read about Will (the will of God) helping Pete (the missing puzzle piece) find his way on his journey is a beautiful story that people of all ages will come back to again and again.”

Hazel Johnson